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History of Newport

Here you can find out about our work on the history of Newport. We welcome comments on these, including corrections and amendments.
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Newport and the Weald Moors

When the VCH Office was wound up on the retirement of David Cox in 2002, work was under way on a volume for the eastern part of Bradford hundred, to be numbered VCH Shropshire XII (i). This would have covered the parishes of Chetwynd, Edgmond, Longford, Newport and Sheriffhales.

As one his final acts before retirement, David Cox prepared the manorial histories of the five parishes. He was joined in this venture by Mrs Janice Cox who wrote accounts of Protestant Nonconformity in the five parishes. The text was prepared in a faux-VCH style with an editorial note explaining the circumstances in which it had been written.

Copies of this typescript have circulated locally. It is now made generally available for the first time with the agreement of VCH Central Office. We are grateful to Dr and Mrs Cox for allowing their work to be made public in this form. It is the aspiration of the newly established County Committee to recommence work on these parishes and, in the fullness of time, we expect the Coxes’ text – suitably revised and updated – to appear in print.

Including the prefatory matter, the typescript PDF icon runs to 52 pages. You can download this and print pages of it as required.

We welcome suggestions for additions to the text and references to additional materials which have become available since 2002. They should be sent by email to

September 2017